Layers of Life: Discover the Rainforest  

Friday, June 21 – Saturday, June 22
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Celebrate World Rainforest Day on June 22 with a visit to Discovery Place’s very own rainforest! Discover incredible plants and animals that live in each layer of this vibrant ecosystem.

This workshop is included in Museum General Admission!

01/ 31/23: Updated marketing photography at Discovery Place museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by:
  • | 3 hour free-flow
  • Explore More Life
  • All age groups

Spend some time in Discovery Place’s rainforest and marvel at the biodiversity this ecosystem supports. Search for red-footed tortoises, ground doves, Madagascar giant day geckos, bromeliads and other incredible species!

Then, visit Explore More Life to see natural specimens, create a rainforest symphony, build a model of the rainforest and its inhabitants, and learn about how we use natural resources from the rainforest in our everyday lives.