Think It Up

Experiment, collaborate & learn by doing

  • Permanent
  • Level 3
  • Included in Admission
  • All age groups

When it comes to creativity, you make the rules

Think It Up is a exhibition experience with no explicit directions provided. Guests must rely on their own hands to experiment and solve problems.

Whether you prefer to DIY (do-it-yourself) or DIT (do-it-together), Think It Up is a place where innovation is fostered and anything is possible.

Walk on light sensors that make a sound when touched, and together collaborate to make music. Create your own visual art piece by touching and turning dials on a large LED light display.

Use a variety of found materials to make objects and release them into Flutter Tubes. Will they float to the ceiling or sink to the ground?

Don’t be fooled by the lack of strings on an otherwise traditional-looking Laser Harp. Run your hands through the open center of the harp to produce a sound. Turn the dial at the base of the harp to change the sound quality.

Try Line Wobblers, a game with no instructions and no rules. Learn to play using two joysticks, a strip of LED lights and hands-on experimentation.

Hop on the SideTrack to get a new perspective. Carved engravings and different textures provide inspiration as you move through the raised walkway.

Create something new using recycled materials, hot glue, scissors and other “junk.” Take your creation home, put it on one of our “movers and shakers” to animate it or display it on the back wall. Or help decorate Dali, a 4-foot tall metal sculpture with open areas to apply materials.

Think It Up is a re-imagination of the popular Discovery Place Science exhibition of the same name formerly located on Level 2 of the Museum. Guests experiment and collaborate through new and updated fabrication stations and interactive experiences.

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