Fantastic Frogs

Get up close to some amazing amphibians!

  • Permanent
  • Level 1
  • Included in Admission
  • All age groups

Meet remarkable live frogs from all over the world whose unique “superpowers” have adapted over time to help them survive.

These frogs have evolved to become masters of disguise and escape artists to attract mates, deceive predators and more.

From the bones of the hairy toad (Trichobatrachus robustus) that break reflexively and shoot out from the toe pads like claws to the color-cued sunken reflex of the yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata) to the golden poison dart frog (Phyllobates terribilis), the world’s most poisonous frog, Fantastic Frogs emphasizes the impressive survival traits that individual species of frogs have developed and honed over time.

This exhibition uses a graphic novel approach, incorporating spectacularly-colored wall and panel illustrations to depict how frogs live lives full of action, constantly struggling to fend off foes. It also features interactive learning games, scientific videos and, of course, plenty of live frogs!

Located on Level 1