March 27, 2024

Learning Canine CPR with CasPeR

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer cardiac arrests commonly due to choking and heat stroke.

Pancreatic cancer vector illustration. Labeled sick stomach oncology disease scheme. Diagram with inner organs structure, healthy and tumor comparison. Liver lobes, gallbladder and intestine example.

While similar to human CPR, canine CPR has a few distinct differences and is an important skill for anyone with a cuddly canine friend or family member.

CasPeR is the premier tool for learning proper canine CPR techniques. Its realistic features allow people to practice their canine CPR skills!

Learn more about canine CPR in the video below, then try it for yourself with CasPeR in the Explore More Me Lab at Discovery Place Science. Plus, don’t miss our special exhibition, “Dogs! A Science Tail,” at the Museum through May 5, 2024!

Check Out this Video!