September 29, 2021

Curious Creatures

Take a closer look at the living residents at Discovery Place Nature.

Butterfly Proboscis

Ever wonder how a butterfly sips nectar from a flower? They use their proboscis! This tube-like organ acts like a drinking straw, so butterflies can reach the sweet nectar no matter what shape the flower is.

Looking for Lizards

Can you find the lizard camouflaging in the leaves? It gets easier as you look closer and closer.

Molting Cockroach

This cockroach is molting! Cockroaches are invertebrates meaning they have no bones. Instead, cockroaches have an exoskeleton or hard outer covering. Exoskeletons don’t grow like bones do. When a cockroach grows it must molt or break out of its old exoskeleton and leave the old exoskeleton behind.