Outreach & Assemblies

Let our Museum-on-wheels bring educational experiences to your school or community! Outreach programs are designed to meet your group’s interests and educational requirements by aligning the curriculum with North and South Carolina state standards and Next Generation Science Standards. These programs complement in-school and out-of-school learning for Pre-K through Grade 8.


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Grades Pre-K – 2

Our early childhood Outreach classes are thoughtfully designed for our youngest learners.

Grades 3-8

Find classes that complement both in-school and out-of-school learning for middle school learners.

Grades Pre-K-K

STEM Foundations

Explore an extensive selection of courses spanning eight unique units of study, all designed to cultivate a passion for STEM. These classes will stoke curiosity and wonder in young explorers aged 4 to 6. Developed to align with North Carolina’s Foundations of Early Learning and Development, each course fosters growth across all five domains.

Discovery Place, Charlotte NC’s interactive children’s museum, unveiled its interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.Discovery Place museum has age-appropriate exhibits for kids of all ages. Charlotte Photographer – PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com

Grades 1-2

Mini Maker

Discover the thrilling world of creation and innovation as students transform into skilled makers in this dynamic, hands-on workshop. Dive into a fascinating array of STEAM-focused projects that spark self-expression, ignite critical thinking and unleash the limitless potential of young minds.

Grades 1-2

Mini CSI

Let their inner detective shine during this crime-busting workshop, where students can hone their investigative skills. They’ll uncover hidden elements to solve a mystery with chemical analysis tools, fingerprint analysis, and chromatography.

Grades 3-5

Think It, Plan It, Make It

Watch students transform into scientists, engineers and artists. Using tools and technologies, they will innovate and devise solutions for an array of STEAM-driven challenges. Witness the power of collaboration and critical thinking as they bring their unique creations to life.

Grades 3-5

Code Kids

Take the first step in preparing students for a potential career in coding. They’ll gain an invaluable edge as they strengthen their grasp of essential concepts such as functions, loops, conditionals and troubleshooting through plugged and unplugged activities focused on opening up opportunities for success.

Grades 3-5


Dive into the thrilling world of robotics, where students will master coding and debugging techniques to conquer various challenges! Utilizing an assortment of robots, young innovators will skillfully program their way to success and become coding champions.

Charlotte, NC on-location photography of Discovery Place, Charlotte’s hands-on science museum located in downtown Charlotte NC. In this image, children explore and play in the “Explore More Life” lab, where visitors can engage in real-world science, design and conduct experiments and experience aquatic life.

Grades 6-8

Forensics Crime Lab

Get ready to witness students leverage technology to solve a crime. These young investigators will unravel the mysteries hidden within the depths of the crime scene by using the latest techniques in DNA analysis, chromatography, weapon matching and spatter analysis. Prepare to be captivated by their relentless pursuit of truth and justice.

Grades 6-8

Bridge Building 101

Get ready to dive into the complex world of bridge engineering. Student engineers will explore the fascinating science behind forces acting on bridges. They’ll unleash their creativity and ingenuity by designing, constructing and testing their own balsa wood bridge.

Photography of the new exhibits at Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte Photographer – PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com

Grades 6-8

Dive Into Dissection

Students will explore the human body and its systems. They’ll unlock the secrets of human anatomy while exploring the captivating similarities and differences between species! Hands-on dissections will guide them in uncovering the mysteries of our inner workings and comparing them with the animal kingdom’s equivalents.

Grades 6-8

Engineering Design Thinking

Embark with us on a journey of creativity and discovery. Students will use Design Thinking to unlock their full potential, turning challenges into opportunities. With this methodology, they’ll practice empathy-driven problem-solving, foster innovative ideas, build prototypes and test solutions until the perfect one is found.


In-person & Digital Assemblies

Assemblies are 50 minutes long and can accommodate up to 300 students at a time and cover a wide range of topics. The dynamic action includes audience participation, demonstrations and live experiments.


Starlab Planetarium

Starlab Planetarium requires access to electricity, a minimum set-up space of 16 feet in height, and a clear floor area of 28 x 28 feet. Maximum capacity is 30.

Grades Pre-K – 2

Matter Matters

Observe instantaneous phase changes featuring liquid nitrogen! Students will investigate the properties of matter and its different phases through hands-on experiments from their homes or classroom.

Grades 3-8

All That Matters

Through amazing demonstrations featuring liquid nitrogen and experiments from their home or classroom, students will better understand the properties of matter in its various phases and how heat affects particle motion and density.

Grades 3-8

Forces and Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion come alive in this class with exciting demonstrations coupled with at-home experiments. Students make predictions and investigate how changes in mass, force, gravity and friction affect the motion of an object.

Grades Pre-K – K

Storybook Science

Can your house withstand the mighty huffs and puffs of the Big Bad Wolf? Can you construct a stable bridge to span a river? Dive into the fascinating world of engineering and science as students apply their skills to unravel the truths within beloved tales.

Grades 1-5

Animals in Their Environment

Students will be able to connect with wildlife in a dynamic and immersive class, where they will observe and encounter live animals from Discovery Place’s incredible Living Collection. Guided by an expert educator, your class will uncover the secrets of diverse habitats, unravel the distinct needs of our planet’s remarkable creatures and discover how they use unique adaptations to survive in their natural environment.

Grades Pre-K – 2

Push, Pull

Students will explore how forces such as pushes, pulls, gravity and magnets affect the motion of an object. Ignite students’ curiosity as they make predictions and participate in interactive experiments that captivate their minds.

Grades Pre-K – 2

I’m an Engineer

Experience the thrill of engineering. Guided by the Engineering Design Process, students will analyze engineering challenges, design and construct solutions, and test and improve their techniques.

Grades 3-5

Musculoskeletal Marvels

Students investigate real human bones, tissues and artificial joints to learn how the muscular and skeletal systems function together to support, protect, and move the human body.