Youth Development

The hub for teens to build leadership skills and gain professional support for academic & career aspirations.

  • Education Studio
  • Ages 14-18

Funded by Ally, the STEM Pathways Internship will allow students to engage in a 14-week training program from February 21 to May 29, except April 3 for Spring Break.

Students will collaboratively work with industry professionals to develop life skills in preparation for summer job placement at Discovery Place Science.

Upon completion of the training program, students will receive a stipend. Job placement is provided in June 2024 and is contingent upon completing the training program; students will receive summer employment at $10/hr for 100 hours.  

For questions or issues, please email us at

Student Eligibility: 

  • Currently between the ages of 14 and 18 
  • Enrolled in Title I High School 
  • Interest in STEM Career 

Program Requirements: 

  • Commitment to complete the 14-week training program 
  • Commitment to complete 100 hours of work before June 28  

Application Process: 

  • Applications open Saturday, January 13
  • Submit the completed application before the February 4 midnight deadline 
  • Recommendation Form completed on Applicant’s behalf 
  • Complete virtual interview with Youth Development Staff (Evening Interviews will be held on Feb 6-8)