February 5, 2019

Upgrade Your Date Night at Discovery Place Science

Instead of your usual date night, take a day and explore Discovery Place Science with your bae!

Do all your date nights end up the same? Dinner, a beer at a local brewery and Netflix on the couch? While yummy options in Charlotte are limitless, sometimes you want a date with bae that is a little outside the box.

Next time you’re both off work during the day, consider a date day (instead of date night) at Discovery Place Science. **Note, we’re not liable if you have so much fun that you laugh until you cry. It happens. Don’t blame us. Or your significant other.

  • Make something fun in our Thinker Space Lab. Discover new skills like woodworking, sewing, soldering or laser cutting in our workshop and makerspace. Get messy, take risks and maybe learn how to do something that will help you out around the house.
  • Build your dream home in Project Build. It’s fun to dream about the future with your significant other. Let your imagination run wild and build your dream home with our Build It! blocks in Project Build.
  • Embrace your inner child in Cool Stuff. When was the last time you got super excited over something really cool? Lay on a bed of nails; explore the physics of what goes up, must come down; and challenge each other to a tug-of-war contest.
  • Blow something up in Explore More Stuff. In our hands-on lab that explores chemistry and physics, the chances that something is happening that involves fire or something going BOOM are high.
  • Check out our Aquarium Feeding Tour. Jellyfish get hungry, too! Did you know Discovery Place Science has an entire kitchen dedicated to animal food preparation? Each tank has different feeding procedures to meet the unique needs of each animal. Peek inside the translucent stomach of a moon jelly to see the orange colored brine shrimp from its last meal.
  • Catch an IMAX® movie at our Dome Theatre. Yeah, streaming a movie is great and convenient, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve experienced the largest IMAX screen in the Carolinas. With a three-story tall dome-shaped screen, 12,000 watts of surround-sound and a projection lamp that can be seen from space, The Charlotte Observer IMAX® Dome Theatre delivers the world’s most immersive movie experience.

Really want some after-hours fun at Discovery Place Science? Dress up, grab a beer and enjoy a Friday night with your fellow science nerds at our next Science on the Rocks event.