Cities of the Future

Imagine stepping 50 years into the future and finding smart cities to optimize sustainability and resilience in the Accenture IMAX Dome Theatre.

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  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Accenture IMAX Dome Theatre, Level 1
  • General Admission $8 | Members $7
  • All age groups

Watch the Trailer!

Renewable energy is a primary power source; space-based solar power provides energy all day, and getting around is as easy as stepping into individualized travel pods that run on little or no energy. This isn’t science fiction. Engineers are making plans for this future world, and it’s here at the Accenture IMAX Dome Theatre!

ASCE and MacGillivray Freeman Films – the team that brought Dream Big: Engineering Our World to giant screens worldwide – have united to produce a new film inspired by ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative: Cities of the Future. The film’s immersive IMAX experience allows audiences to “step into the future.”

Cities of the Future features five young ASCE members working to find inspiring solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. It also follows a team of middle school students competing in the Future City Competition.

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