May 17, 2019

Intrigued’ by information: STEM intern finds purpose in spreading his love of learning to others

Meet STEM intern Josue Lopez and learn about his time at the Museum

Tell Josue Lopez to describe himself in one word and he’ll quickly offer up his answer – “intrigued.”

“I am intrigued by information and I just want to get all of it,” says Lopez, a senior at Butler High School and one of 30 STEM Interns currently working at Discovery Place. “The staff at Discovery Place Science has taught me the ropes – how to talk to people, how to get tasks done on time.”

At the Museum, Lopez does everything from performing captivating shows for visitors to training other volunteers on the different exhibits. “Being a volunteer at Discovery Place means instilling a love of learning, especially in children,” he notes.

The teen innately understands that learning is a lifelong adventure. “From the first day I went to school, my parents always told me education is the way to go up,” he says. “I want to make my parents proud and repay them for all the things they have done for me.”

Originally from Mexico, Lopez’s parents experienced a poor standard of living before they moved to America for a better life. Now, their son is determined to carry on their dreams by improving not just his own future, but the future of others, too.

“One of my aspirations is to be the Secretary of State for the United States of America,” he says. “The Secretary of State is one of the most important positions in government. That position is responsible for America’s relationship with other countries and serves as the nation’s representative on the world stage.”

His ultimate goal, though, is to commit to life of public service and, one day, become a philanthropist.

“As a public servant and as a philanthropist, I want to do everything in my power to help and better the lives of others,” he says. “I love to serve others. That is why I am at Discovery Place!”