July 6, 2022

Dive Into Five Must-Do Experiences Inside Unseen Oceans

Experience an ocean you never imagined as Discovery Place Science presents Unseen Oceans in exhibition. Our pick of the top five must-“sea” exhibits.

Experience an ocean you never imagined as Discovery Place Science presents Unseen Oceans, an exhibition produced by the American Museum of Natural History, which moves from the oceans’ sunlit surfaces to dark depths below, revealing a world previously hidden to humans.

Explore the latest advances in ocean exploration, the researchers and technologies behind them and the mysteries that remain. Plus, pilot a submersible, explore secret landscapes and get up close and personal with some of the coolest creatures on Earth—both past and present.
Book your visit today and don’t miss these five interactive activities inside Unseen Oceans, included with admission to Discovery Place Science.

Pilot a Submersible

Build canyons and mountains in the kinetic sandbox. Special technology simulates water running through your creations, showing how the ocean floor is always evolving due to the forces surrounding it. Observe firsthand how the effects of erosion and surface movement create changes in the flow of water on the ocean floor.

Play in The Sand to Shape The Ocean Floor

Test your submersible driving skills! Are they any good? Navigate under the ocean and explore unique landscapes with the submersible simulation game. This interactive experience gives people of all ages a chance to experience what it is like to operate an underwater vehicle, without having to wear a wetsuit!

Dive into The Mariana Trench

Did you know the Mariana Trench lies 2.8 miles beneath the ocean’s surface? Take a dive to those depths and meet some fascinating sea creatures inside an immersive theater experience. The deepest oceanic trench on the planet, the Mariana Trench holds great potential for scientists to discover what is living in its darkness.

Learn About Plankton

Go to the depths of the ocean and admire life-size plankton in detail. Plankton are small ocean creatures carried by tides and currents. Get an up-close look at how plankton operate in the food chain and why they are important to not only oceanic creatures, but also to humans.

Stand Beneath The “Fish-nado”

Surround yourself with the glow of bioluminescent sea creatures! Chemical reactions occurring in the bodies of some animals like fish allow them to glow, a characteristic they often use to attract prey. Glowing in shades of red, orange and green, special technology helps scientists uncover the fluorescence of undersea animals.