June 5 – August 11

Summer Camps

The chance for a memorable summer ends soon!

Reserve your camp(s) before they’re gone.

  • 9:00 am
  • Full Museum
  • Pre K – Grade 6

Summer Camp Registration

Keep your kids entertained and engaged this summer by sending them to our array of Summer Camps at Discovery Place Science. With both half and full day options available—make this summer endlessly fun!

Half Day$175$200
Full Day$350$390


Half-day Camps: PRE-K (Ages 3-4)

Explore summer camp options specifically geared for PRE-K ages.

Blast Off

June 5-9: 9am-4pm
July 10-14: 9am-4pm
August 14-18: 9am-4pm

Journey to the final frontier in this fun-fueled camp that explores the wonders of outer space. From rocket launches to astronaut training, campers will immerse themselves in the final frontier while learning all about our solar system.

Deep Sea Divers

June 12-16: 9am-4pm
July 17-21: 9am-4pm

Dive into the many wonders of the ocean by investigating the plants and animals inhabiting each layer. Campers will visit the aquarium at Discovery Place Science to discover these unique ecosystems and explore tide pools through a touch tank experience.

Junior Chemists

June 19-23: 9am-4pm
July 31-August 4: 9am-4pm

There’s no better introduction to chemistry than getting messy with hands-on science in the lab. Young scientists will conduct colorful and sticky experiments that bubble, fizz and goo!

Underground Adventures

June 26-30: 9am-4pm
July 24-28: 9am-4pm

Campers encounter underground wonders in this hands-on camp exploring dinosaur fossils and learning why volcanoes erupt. Young scientists will question, discover and observe what’s hidden underground.

Animal Tales

July 3-7: 9am-4pm
August 7-11: 9am-4pm

Campers will travel across the globe exploring a variety of biomes and the animals that inhabit them. By observing Animal Ambassadors and Museum specimens, campers will discover adaptations and survival strategies that animals use to thrive in even the harshest environments.

Innovator Academy

June 19-23: 9am-4pm
July 24-28: 9am-4pm

What would you build that could change the world? Campers will be challenged to think outside of the box while designing and building inventions to create change for the future.

Creative Chemistry

July 3-7: 9am-4pm

Chemistry is cool! Campers will conduct exciting experiments as they learn all about acids, bases and compounds when they change colors, create bubbles and grow crystals.

Below the Tide

July 10-14: 9am-4pm
August 7-11: 9am-4pm

Dive below the tide and learn about different aquatic ecosystems found throughout the world. Using experiments, the Museum’s aquarium and a variety of hands-on activities, campers will explore what makes each ecosystem unique and the organisms that call those places home.