August 22, 2024

Science Studio: Power of Play

From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Explore the fascinating world of science at Science Studio, our special evening series for adults. Join us and unleash your curiosity!

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  • | 3 hours
  • Full Museum
  • Ages 18+

Science Studio returns in August with a host of playtime activities to stimulate your brain—it’s like summer camp for grownups!

Join us for an evening of gaming experiences from:

  • Classic Analog
  • eSports
  • Musical Jousting

Not only will you get to act like a kid again but you’ll also learn why play is good for adults.

A Discovery Place Experience Specialist will give a brief talk on how incorporating play into your lifestyle can improve creativity, reduce stress and benefit physical health.

About Science Studio

Science Studio at Discovery Place Science is an after-hours adult series that brings together inquisitive minds for an informal evening of thought-provoking conversation.