July 7, 2023

Ideas for a Successful Field Trip in Charlotte

Get ready for an amazing field trip to a Discovery Place Museum, where students will be immersed in a world of hands-on learning, teamwork and unforgettable memories. By following these tips, you’ll make this adventure not only enjoyable but also educational and safe for your entire group!

Student petting iguana on a field trip to Discovery Place Science in Charlotte.
Photography of Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte Photographer – PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com
  1. Plan a Pre-Visit: Be the ultimate prepared educator by visiting the Museum ahead of time. You’ll get the lay of the land, preview exhibits and activities and be ready to maximize your students’ experience.
  2. Set Clear Objectives: Make this field trip more than just a day off from school! Outline learning goals aligned with your curriculum share them with students and chaperones and plan activities that bring those objectives to life.
  3. Assign Responsibilities: Keep things running smoothly by designating roles for teachers, chaperones, and students. Set behavior expectations and establish a buddy system for an organized and well-managed trip.
  4. Consider the Itinerary: Resist the urge to overstuff your agenda. Prioritize the most engaging and relevant experiences and schedule breaks and free exploration time to keep students excited and energized.
  5. Remember Special Needs and Accommodations: Make this field trip fantastic for every student by inquiring about and planning for any necessary accommodations. Discovery Place is dedicated to inclusivity, so our staff is here to help!
  6. Prioritize Safety Protocols: Partner with us in ensuring student safety by familiarizing yourself with Discovery Place’s safety measures and communicating clear instructions to students and chaperones.
  7. Debrief and Reflect: Extend the educational impact by scheduling a post-trip debriefing. Invite students to share their experiences and connect what they learned to the classroom curriculum, solidifying their newfound knowledge.