September 5, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Hinge Date to Science on the Rocks

Put first date jitters to ease with an evening at the Museum

In a city that’s overflowing with breweries, great restaurants and tons of entertainment it should be a no-brainer to find a casual activity to do on a first date, right? But first dates come with lots of questions and even more anxieties. What if they don’t drink? What if dinner is too much of a commitment? What if we have nothing to talk about? (We’re serious. People worry about this kind of stuff). That’s where we come in.

Once a month Discovery Place Science hosts an adults-only night at the Museum that has something for everyone. Let us put your first date jitters at ease with 5 reasons to take your next Hinge date to Science on the Rocks.

1. Activities make the best first dates
We may be biased but who wouldn’t have fun lighting their hand on fire on a first date? Talk about something to tell the grandchildren. Each month we curate a different theme with corresponding activities that appeal to all age groups (over 21, of course) and all interests. If you just want to enjoy the Museum sans-children, hop on the air chair guilt-free! If you’re a Game of Thrones super fan or have always wanted to learn to salsa dance, check out our monthly themes to see if one aligns with your passions. Either way, activities give you and your date something to focus on besides each other while waiting for the nerves to pass.

2. It’s affordable
A first date is all about getting to know the person in front of you to see if you’re compatible for a second and third date. The best way to put the least amount of pressure on yourself and your date is to do something casual without a huge monetary commitment attached to it. Enter: Science on the Rocks. Each ticket is $12 (in advance) for four hours of fun with an optional IMAX movie add-on. For less than $20 each, you and your date can enjoy hours of activities that feel like an experience worth way more.
Bonus: We sell tickets online so you don’t have to worry about having to do the awkward ‘who pays for what’ dance in the ticket line.

3. You and your date won’t feel pressured to drink
Some people like drinking on a first date and that’s okay. Some people don’t enjoy drinking on a first date and that’s okay, too. There’s enough to focus on at Science on the Rocks that you don’t feel unwelcome if you choose not to get a cocktail. But for those who do enjoy a drink or two, we offer themed cocktails each month along with beer and wine.

4. It’s the perfect start or stop to your night
Dinner’s over, it’s the end of the night and you both stare at each other wondering how to leave things. Uncomfortable, no? Let us be your buffer! A date at Science on the Rocks puts both parties’ safety first by giving you a public, open space to meet for the first time. Then, after your activities, it’s late enough to end the date without awkwardness or, if things are going well, it’s a perfect time to grab a drink or a bite somewhere else before calling it a night.

5. You’ll see how adventurous your date is
Usually it takes a few dates to learn how your potential significant other acts or reacts in certain situations. Taking them to Science on the Rocks can show you a lot about a person. If they’re adventurous and extroverted, they’ll dive right in and participate in any activity and experience. If they have a zest for learning, they’ll ask questions and focus on the scientific portion of our activities. Or maybe they prefer to learn from afar, taking in the situation and those around them before deciding on which stations to enjoy. Pay close attention and you’ll learn a lot about your date.
Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you to take your next right swipe to Science on the Rocks. Be sure to check out next month’s theme so you can already start planning your future date. Oh, and good luck!