December 9, 2019

2019 Discovery Place Gift Guide

Joy to the world, the gift guide is here

It’s that time of year. For some of us, the chill of winter cold fronts and smell of pine needles are simply the season’s greetings. For others, it signals the start of the long search for a present that says world’s best grandparents or coolest coworker.

If holiday shopping makes you a Scrooge, check out our 2019 Gift Guide for quick shopping ideas you can pick up on your lunch break.

All items are available at Shop Scienceopen seven days a week during regular Museum hoursDiscovery Place Science Members receive a 20% discount on all purchases. All purchases help support educational programs at our nonprofit Museums.

For the gift that’ll make them think

  • Every Day is Epic Journal by Mary Kate McDevitt ($16.95) – Similar to the ever-popular bullet journal, this book is filled with creative prompts to mark every dream and adventure throughout the year.
  • Destroy this Book in the Name of Science by Mike Barfield ($12.99) – Young readers will enjoy scribbling away in this interactive book and their parents will as well knowing they are learning about Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and other educational concepts.
  • The Super Duper Trivia Book by Lou Harry and Eric Berman ($9.99) – Stump the know-it-all in your life with this trivia book covering topics such as sports, popular culture and social studies. With a little review of the 1700 questions included, you’ll be the next champions on Trivia Night.
  • Worst Case Scenario Book by Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht ($16.99) – Ever wonder how to survive adrift at sea? If the thought never crossed your mind, your friends are probably clueless as well. Get them this book for fresh conversation starters that could save your life!
  • Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders ($14.99) You’ll be gifting a loved one the world by adding this book to their library. Explore the nuances of language with words that cannot be directly translated into English.
  • My Quotable Kid by Chronicle Books ($14.95) – Children say the darndest things don’t they? Now we can document it in this specially designed book to recall the funniest moments. They’ll appreciate this special keepsake later to re-live the joy and freedom of their younger years.
  • One Question A Day, My Life So Far by Aimee Chase ($16.99) – What makes you cry like a baby? Let this journal spark memories you never considered and help you get started on your memoir. Whether you keep it private or share your life’s history with a loved one, you’ll be delighted to look back at a record of your personal story.

For the little person in your life

  • Good Night North Carolina by Adam Gamble and Anne Rosen ($9.95) – This child-friendly picture book features treasured monuments including Roanoke Island. Gift to a new North Carolina resident or to an out-of-towner as a souvenir.
  • Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table by Usborne ($14.99) – Jumpstart learning with this hands-on introduction to the periodic table. Explore the elements with your child and let chemistry bring you closer together with this Shop Science Staff Pick.
  • My First Microscope ($16.97, ages 3 and up) – Cultivate a love for science early with a functional microscope prompting curious minds to explore the natural world.
  • Sequinimals Snake ($24.99, ages 3 and up) – There’s no need for fear with this playful, textured plush toy. At over five feet long, the child in your life will be all smiles with this oversized naptime companion.
  • Extreme Secret Formula Lab ($24.99, ages 8 and up) – Practice STEAM with real lab equipment with this exciting set that fizzes and oozes. Follow along with the accompanying activity book featuring 20 potions that may lead to glowing slime or hard rock candy.
  • Tracer Bot ($24.99) – Boost your child’s critical thinking skills and creativity with a smart robot! Tracerbot follows your personalized marker trail no matter how complex! Put Tracerbot to the test and collect his colorful friends.
  • Hatch N Grow Dinosaur ($4.99, ages 6 and up) – Know a child obsessed with a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Let him or her watch this dino hatch and grow in real life!
  • Jellyfish Lamp ($24.99) – Bring the cool tones of the aquarium to your home with this lamp. Upgrade your niece or nephew’s night light with these life-like images.
  • Crick-Ettes ($2.99) – Going for shock value? Try these flavored cricket treats for a stocking stuffer this year. Get the whole family involved with an unusual taste test featuring your favorite spices: bacon and cheese, sour cream and onion and more.

For the white Elephant Party

  • Metallic Head Massager ($5.99) – This lightweight head massager promising satisfying comfort would appeal to everyone of all ages. It also features a variety of colorful handles for your selection.
  • Color Change Nee Doh ($5.99) – This soft fidget toy can improve your focus and calm you down during any stressful moment. A glow-in-the-dark option is also available.
  • Sock it to Me Space Socks ($16.99) – These socks are out of this world! Jazz up your wardrobe with a pair of patterned space socks. You’re guaranteed to be the best dressed in the room.
  • Adventure Tool ($9.99) – Be prepared for anything with this pocket gadget. It has several functions including a thermometer, LED light, secret compartment and more that will leave you ready for it all.
  • STEM Brainteaser Memory Game ($7.99, ages 6 and up) – Keep your mind active with this portable color sequence game. Test your memory and challenge friends to beat your score!
  • Mini Skewb ($14.99) – Take fun on the go with this key chain toy. Fans of the Rubik’s cube will enjoy the twists and turns of the mini skewb. Never be bored again!
  • Periodical Coffee Drinker T-Shirt ($19.99) – Let your gift speak for itself (especially if you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee quite yet). Big bonus: This ladies-cut graphic t-shirt is made with 30% post-consumer material and printed with earth friendly ink.
  • Selenite Tower ($7.99) with LED Light Base ($2.99) – Liven up your nightstand or work area with a crystal desk topper and/or decorative paperweight. The healing properties of selenite are known for luck and protection and can bring good energy to a loved one in your life.
  • Jumbo Galaxy Spring ($14.99) – This throwback toy will have everyone reminiscing about the good ole days. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it to a child, this ode to the slinky means hours of entertainment for everyone!
  • Planet Projector Light ($22.99) – Sit back and enjoy the view of a full moon, planet Earth or andromeda during a relaxing bath. This water-resistant projector dome is a must-have item for any adult that needs a break amongst soothing suds.

For the one who has everything

  • Animal Paintings ($20.00) – Switch up the decor in your home with a vibrant piece painted by a unique artist—a hedgehog, hairless rat or hissing cockroach! Each purchased painting represents a $20 donation that directly supports the Museum.
  • Museum Membership – Gift the ultimate Discovery Place experience, filled with enriching activities that bring the whole family closer, a Membership is the best way to experience all that our Museums have to offer. Plus, Members are invited to special events and exclusive exhibition openings as well as receive discounts on Birthday Parties, Camps and other programs.